Discounts on Registration

We understand that being a creator doesn't always pay well.  Although we would love a donation toward the operating costs of the event please know we hear you!
We have coupon codes for volunteers, Ipswich Art Association Members and Ipswich Poetry Group members.  Some people like to register early, there is a coupon code for that too.

We want to encourage educators to bring their students and all educators can register a group of students for free! 

If you want your books or art examples at our event but can't sell your services, books or art due to contract issues please know we have you covered.  Creating a display is a great option.

Are you a well known storyteller or poet? Perform and have a table using our only option to offer an Honorarium. A special code, just for you. 

Please review all options and choose the one that best represents you prior to registering. 

Special Offer for Exhibitors: Coupon Codes
Exhibitors, take advantage of our special coupon codes to enhance your Language Lives experience. Use code "ExpoFloor" to secure your exhibit space at Ebsco Hall during Ipswich Illuminations at the larger size at a discount when you also register for time on the stage on Saturday and Sunday. Get ready to showcase your work and engage with an enthusiastic audience.

Join us at Language Lives 2023 during Ipswich Illuminations and be part of an incredible celebration of words, art, and community. Your involvement makes a significant impact on our mission to inspire creativity and cultural enrichment. We look forward to your participation and support! 

Coupon Codes

  • starving | $5.00 off | Never expires
    Applies to Display Space at the Expo, Live Storytelling Donation, and Poetry Showcase Donation
  • IAA | $5.00 off all orders | Never expires
    Ipswich Art Association Member Discount
  • IPG | $5.00 off select products | Never expires
    Ipswich Poetry Group Member Discount
  • display | 50% off select products | 9/15/23 - 9/30/23
    For people displaying 3 or more creations in the Exhibit Hall, but not selling from a table space.
  • ExpoFloor | 50% off orders over $81.00 | Never expires 
    For exhibitors who are committing to the 96" space for both days AND are committing to speaking BOTH days on 2 different topics
  • Volunteer6 | 50% off all orders | Never expires 
    Applies to Volunteers willing to support the event with their time
  • VolunteerMulti6 | 75% off all orders | Never expires
    Applies to Volunteers willing to support the event with their time for more than one day of the event
  • speaker | $30.00 your order | 9/01/23 - 9/30/23
    Speakers booking more than 2 blocks of time and table space for both days and choose to forgo a donation to the event operating costs.
  • honorarium | 75% off all orders| 9/01/23 - 9/30/23
    For people who normally charge a fee for speaking who are signed up for multiple portions of the event.
  • comp | 90% off all orders | 9/11/23 - 9/25/23
    For people who have spoken to organizers and have been told their space is complimentary and are still willing to make a donation to event operating costs.
  • education | 100% off all orders | Never expires
    For educators registering for themselves or a block of students
  • student | 100% off all orders | Never expires
    For High School or College students wishing to take part
  • influence | 100% off all orders | 9/01/23 - 9/30/23
    For speakers, exhibitors and sellers with a social following of more the 2,000 with a committment to post prior to the event and during the event.
  • patience | 25% off all orders | Expired
  • early | 25% off all orders | Expired