Language Lives in Ipswich

A Book Festival for the Lovers of Words and the Art that Accompanies It

A Book Festival for
the Lovers of Words and the Art that Accompanies It.

The Language Lives Festival aims to foster an appreciation for the interconnectedness of literature, art, children's literature and art books by inviting visual artists, recorded voice actors, designers, poets, novelists, and writers of all kinds to participate. It will provide a platform for these talented individuals to showcase their work and engage with the community in the creative process. 

Ebsco Hall

5 Peatfield Street, Ipswich, MA 01938 

Location & Parking

Language Lives

Language Lives will be a celebration of the visual & literary arts in north eastern Massachusetts. It's a great opportunity for aspiring authors to understand more about getting their work into the community, self-publish authors to share their work, and for the community to learn about those making art and literature.

The festival plans to host a variety of events that include readings and panel discussions, book signings, open mics, poetry slams, children’s story telling, live short story competitions and more. Attendees will have the chance to connect with celebrated authors and publishers while they enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Artists, illustrators and photographers interested in their work:
being in a book; used for book covers; or used to inspire literature are also invited to take part in the event.

Writers and 2 dimensional artists can have an outdoor booth to sell original art and books.

Publishers, voice actors, podcasters and others in the literature community with information to share about getting your literature into the world are invited to host a speaking engagement.

Writers, teachers, poets and illustrators are invited to host workshops in their table space or on the stage to share their craft with others in the community.

Fall 2023

An Art & Authoring Festival festival for the printed book, spoken word and the art that accompanies and inspires it.

Ipswich, Massachusetts

The Language Lives Festival is designed to run during the annual Illumination Celebration. The Town of Ipswich, in partnership with Creative County Initiative, creates a weekend long community event to inspire generations throughout the area. Illumination, now in its 14th year, features a collection of interactive art installations, live music, poetry, projection, bonfires and more along the Ipswich River the weekend of October 6-8, 2023. The goal of our event will be to engage additional people in the literary community, including the Ipswich Public library and local educators to take part in the event.