More than a Book Exhibition
Illuminate Ipswich

Help us transform Ebsco Hall into an interactive Exhibition Hall for those who engage with Literature. 

  • 2D Artists, Photographers, Illustrators, and Designers
  • Authors, Poets, Bloggers, and Writers of all kinds
  • Publishers and Editors
  • Voice Actors and Recording Studios
  • Live Spoken Word Performers, Professional Storytellers
  • If your Art interacts with the World of Literature, please join us
Language Lives
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Sell Your Creations.

Join us Saturday and/or Sunday to sell what you have created.  We will be open to the public from 11-6pm and we want to share what you have created.  Sign up then complete the Publicity Form below!
Table space starts at $25.  All exhibitors are required to sell their own items.  There is not a centralized checkout.  Each exhibitor should choose the method of payment they are most comfortable with. 

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Display Your Creations.

So you can't be with us in person, be with us in spirit! Get your item on display. Sign up then complete the Publicity Form below! 
Display space is $5 per item. All participants displaying items must also complete the display submission form once for each item being displayed.  Deadline is Monday, Oct 2nd.  

Display your work
Exhibit at Ebsco Hall during
Illuminations 2023

Artists with 2 dimensional art, photography, and illustration are encouraged to sign up. Writers, voice actors, art and writing teachers, publishers, bloggers and other artists who work with the printed word are invited to take part one or both days.

Emerging Writers & Artists

This Art & Authoring Festival is open to established and emerging writers and artists. Students young and seasoned are encouraged to take part in the event and the event planning.  


Authors, Poets, Illustrators, Photographers, Designers and Voice Actors are invited to share their work and voices with the event attendees. 

Sales Table Exhibition Space
Saturday & Sunday: Participants can sign up for a table space by the day. Table must be provided by the participant. Multiple artists and writers can share a table. All participants who sign up for a table space must be willing to have their table set up for the duration of the day*. Artists and writers may sell original illustrations, photography, paintings, books, reproductions and other 2 dimensional artwork at the event that relates to the connection between art & writing.
60”x30”table space and smaller is $25.
96”x30” table space and smaller is $45 per day.
Unfortunately craft artists and 3 dimensional artists are not appropriate for this event and are encouraged to take part in the events at Town Hall during Illuminations.  

Single Item Display Space
Creators who would like to have a presence at the Festival but due to scheduling conflicts can not attend should choose this option.
- Provide a display item (i.e. a single painting, illustration, book, or full color mounted poster that describes your work.)
- Provide a brief bio
- Provide a URL that links to a particular item (i.e. the book displayed on a website that a participant can purchase from OR a link to a shop that sells your work)
A $5 fee will be collected for this service. 
At the Exhibit Hall, your provided item will be placed on a display table with a QR Code for participants to follow to learn more about how to purchase that item or a similar item. The example item should not be one of a kind.

Display Exhibitors
This form (link) must be filled out prior to October 2nd for items to be displayed.
If you would like your items returned please include a return shipping label in the package. 

Ship to:
Pumpkin Vines 174 High Street, Ipswich Village Suite 105,
Ipswich, MA 01938 for delivery prior to Wednesday, October 4th

Local Deliver:
Option 1: 174 High Street, Ipswich Village Suite 105, during normal business hours prior to Thursday Oct 5th
Option 2:  Ebsco Hall at 5 Peatfield Street on Thursday, Oct 5th between 4-6pm

On The Stage

You don't have to be a well known author or artist to book a time on the Speakers Stage. This Art & Authoring Festival is looking for interesting people and organizations share information in a relaxed conversational forum open to the public. 

Book a Table

Table space for selling illustrations, books, art and photography.  Join together with colleagues, peers or man the space alone.  

Do a Book Reading or Signing

"On the Stage" or at a Table promote your printed work. 
You can also plan to spend your time at the event touring, chatting and making connections with people for collaboration.

Display a Creation

Pick your favorite example of your work and display it with a QR Code at the event.

*An exhibitor does not have to staff their table at all times, but should be easily reachable.
Because the Ipswich Art Association is not taking payment for purchases leaving a table unattended it would mean that books and art could not be sold. 

Exhibitors may have a QR code or a similarly simple way displayed on your table to direct people on how to make a purchase, ie a link to your website, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble page. 

Language Lives and Ebsco Hall would not be held responsible for a display.
Illuminations is in its 14th year and draws from all over   The foot traffic is expected to be very high as we will be the spot on the map closest to the Train Station.  Organizers defer to exhibitors on their comfort level with leaving Expo Space unattended and the risks involved.