Get on Stage to Perform or Share at Language Lives

Perform @ Language Lives

There are a range of opportunities for poets, authors and storytellers on Thursday & Friday evenings.

Book time "On the Stage" Time to show off or share your talents.  Throughout the day people are invited onto the stage to take part in specific topics lead by a range of community members. Each session will have its own flavor depending on the facilitator.

Language Lives
Ipswich Poetry Group

Poetry Showcase - Thursday 

October 5th - 6pm-9pm
Help kick off Illuminations 2023 at Ebsco Hall
Language Lives: Poetry & Spoken Word - Theme: Illuminate
Verse, Spoken Word, Lyric Poetry: No matter the style authors are welcome to stand up with never spoken or published, modern or historic, memorized or notes in hand. Poets and Writers can sign up for a 3, 8, or 15 minute block

Not the Moth - Live storytelling in Ipswich

Live Storytelling

Friday, October 6th
Language Lives: Illuminating Stories
Bring characters, plot and transformation to this live storytelling event. Yes, you can bring notes. All blocks will be 5 minutes and arranged by the target audience. (i.e. family friendly stories earlier and adult themes later in the evening)
5:30p - Stories for Children
7:00p - Stories for Students (High School & College)
8:00p - Stories for Adults

Why Book "On the Stage" Time?

  • Showcase Your Expertise: Exhibitors and speakers can use this platform to conduct book readings, offer glimpses into their creative process, and delve into the intricacies of their craft. It's a golden chance to share your work, ideas, and experiences with a receptive audience.
  • Engage with the Community: Language Lives Festival is all about fostering connections and celebrating the diversity of language and culture. Booking time "On the Stage" allows you to engage directly with the community, forging new connections and deepening existing ones.
  • Dive into Varied Topics: Throughout the day, the stage becomes a dynamic hub where a range of community members lead sessions on diverse topics. Each session has its own unique flavor, depending on the facilitator. From poetry readings to discussions on language preservation, there's something for everyone.
  • Inspire and Educate: Your presence on the stage can inspire and educate others. Whether you're an author, artist, or expert in your field, your insights can leave a lasting impact, sparking new ideas and perspectives among the audience.
  • Embrace Creativity: "On the Stage" offers a platform for creativity to flourish. It's a space where you can let your imagination run wild, experiment with new ideas, and bask in the spotlight of artistic expression

Take Part

Emerging Writers & Artists

This Art & Authoring Festival is open to established and emerging writers and artists. Students young and seasoned are encouraged to take part in the event and the event planning.  

Book Time on the Stage at Ebsco Hall

Book Time on the Stage at Ebsco Hall
Join us for two enchanting evenings of live performances to help kick off Illuminations, a celebration of the visual and literary arts in northeastern Massachusetts. This festival offers a unique opportunity for artists, authors, and the community to come together and revel in the magic of creativity.

📅 Thursday, October 5th | 6-9 PM
Language Lives: Poetry & Spoken Word

Embrace the power of words in verse, spoken word, and lyric poetry. Authors, this is your moment to shine! Whether your words have never been spoken or published, are modern or historic, you're invited to take the stage. Share your work, be it memorized or with notes in hand. Poets and writers, sign up for a short block to present a single short poem, or mesmerize the audience with up to 15 minutes of your lyrical artistry.

📅 Friday, October 6th | 6-9 PM
Language Lives: Illuminating Stories

Transport the audience into the realms of your imagination! Bring characters to life, weave intricate plots, and share tales of transformation. Yes, you can bring your notes to ensure your story captivates. All performance blocks will be 5 minutes in length and thoughtfully arranged to cater to different target audiences—family-friendly stories earlier and more mature themes later in the evening.

Ebsco Hall - Peatfield Street, Ipswich - Just steps from the Commuter Rail

Ebsco Hall - Peatfield Street, Ipswich
Just steps from the Commuter Rail - Newburyport Line - Ipswich

📅 Saturday and Sunday, October 7th-8th | 11 AM - 6 PM

Throughout the day, we invite individuals to take the stage and engage with specific topics led by our diverse community members. Each session promises a unique flavor, guided by the facilitator's expertise and passion. Whether you're an artist, writer, teacher, poet, or storyteller, this is your opportunity to shine and inspire others.

On The Stage @ The Expo

Experience the vibrant pulse of the Language Lives Festival by booking your time "On the Stage." This is your opportunity to step into the limelight, connect with the community, and share your passion, insights, and talents with a captivated audience.

Language Lives
Language Lives in Ipswich

To make this event a success we will need a range of people willing to spearhead parts of the festival.  We will also need volunteers, performers, authors and artists from throughout the area. 

Join Us - We are looking for... 

  • Poetry Slam / Spoken Word Organizer
  • Live Storytelling Trainer / Organizer
  • Poetry Slam / Spoken Word MC
  • Live Storytelling MC
  • 2D Artists that create work that could translate to book design, illustration, book cover photography and art
  • Writers, poets, voice actors and spoken word performers
Help others in the Community

We look forward to building a schedule of exciting and interesting workshops with a range of readers, writers and artists.